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Delta Well & Pump Co., Inc. strives to be versatile and professional in working for and with owners, consulting engineers and other contractors. Following is a summary of some of our services.

Delta Well & Pump Co., Inc. (Delta) serves municipal and industrial customers, providing a full range of drilling capabilities. We are able to construct auger wells of varying sizes from a 4-inch diameter borehole to a 17-1/2 inch borehole. Our equipment allows for a complete range of soil sampling, periodic water sampling in advance of augers as drilling progresses, gravel packing, grouting, and well completion. Auger wells have been drilled for dewatering projects; formation sampling; landfill monitoring; aquifer testing; fuel storage monitoring; sewage treatment plant monitoring and water supply, diffusion and recovery wells. Our work has been overseen and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Department of Health. Essentially, we pride ourselves in being able to do the unusual such as angle drilling or deep auger wells constructed with our Failing F-10 rigs.

2000 Ft Drilling

Deep Wells

For deeper wells our conventional rotary rigs have the capability of drilling to 2000 feet.

We also offer a full range of reverse rotary wells including test holes to 1200 feet for aquifer testing and large diameter underreamed wells for municipal water districts.


We have installed irrigation wells and pumps for a majority of the golf courses located on Long Island. The service and repair of wells, pumps, diesel engines and associated equipment for municipal water districts and industrial customers is another of our many diverse services. We also abandon and seal wells in accordance with DEC specifications, a service which is often required in response to the DEC's tightened policy on idle wells.

Our crews have all completed the 40-hour OSHA certification program with annual 8-hour refresher courses. We also maintain a medical surveillance program.

In addition, our affiliated machine shop expands the scope of our capabilities well beyond the average drilling contractor.

Delta is a New York State, New York City, and Port Authority of NY & NJ certified Woman-owned Business (WBE) and a New York State DOT and Port Authority of NY & NJ certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

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Water Well

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