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Our Services


Our Reverse Circulation rigs can install large diameter high capacity wells up to 1000 feet deep.  We have constructed hundreds of wells from Brooklyn to Montauk.   

Our Direct (Mud) Rotary rigs have drilled to over 2000 feet below land surface on Long Island.

With auger inside diameters ranging from 2.5-inch to 12-inch our Failing F10 Hollow Stem Auger rigs can sample and install wells up to 10-inch diameter and have reached over 400 feet below grade.  Our track mounted rig can overcome difficult site logistics.

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We furnish, install, repair and maintain both vertical turbine and submersible pumping units from 1/3 HP to 250 HP for all types of wells.  Our diverse fleet of hoist rigs and cranes can handle difficult access locations.

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Multiple backhoes, skid steerers, excavators and dump trucks along with our bull dozer and front end loader are ready to clear your site or excavate for your next project.


  • Airshock® impulse generated well rehabilitation

  • 40 hour OSHA trained employees 

  • OSHA medical surveillance program 

  • Downhole video logging 

  • Deep rotary wells and test holes (1500+ feet) 

  • Large diameter reverse rotary supply wells 

  • Open loop supply and diffusion heating and cooling wells

  • Recovery wells and recharge (injection) wells 

  • Test wells for aquifer tests 

  • Dewatering wells 

  • Screened auger water sampling 

  • Hydropunch sampling 

  • Test borings/soil borings 

  • Angle drilling 

  • Well rehabilitation via chemical treatment

  • All phases of environmental drilling 

  • Monitoring wells and soil samples for property studies, sewage treatment plants and ground water monitoring 

  • Vertical Profile Borings

  • Installation of liner screens and screen replacement 

  • Well abandonment in accordance with D.E.C. specifications 

  • Geophysical logging (Caliper, Natural Gamma, SP & SPR)

  • Sieve analysis 

  • Installation of cathodic protection grounding rods 

  • Concrete core drilling (portable equipment)

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